Anya Jasbar, Esercizio, from La Ripetizione (detail)

LA RIPETIZIONE is a study on memory and time and a reflection
on women’s conditions and the patterns of their productive
and generative roles in western societies.
Between 2020 and 2021, Chris Rocchegiani and Anya Jasbar
started a remote conversation shaped by the periodical exchange
of books and archival material, which led to a new
body of work.

Anya Jasbar, with her mixed media compositions,
retraces the life and education of a working woman, combining
elements of fiction with historical and public documents
on women’s labor in Italy until the 1980s.

The title LA RIPETIZIONE underlines the various facets of
the two artists’ poetic and conceptual journey. A repetition
is, in fact, the reoccurrence of something, such as a gesture
or an action, that has already happened. “Una ripetizione”
in Italian, is also a private lesson to catch up on concepts
that traditional learning had not made accessible enough.
The breath repeats itself and allows us to live, but so do
the gestures that we perform “naturally,” for example, at
work or at home.