CURRENTLY(04 11 2021)

I. I enjoy planning and building online platforms, such as websites, applying my multidisciplinary approach. I’m available for commissions. I’ve recently collaborated with KlimaiteKlimaite, Display, Anna Fasshauer, AMODO.

II. I’m directing Laimun, a residency program in Sardinia, Italy and Berlin, Germany.

III. Next year, together with Federica Chiocchetti, I will teach about photobooks and photo-texts at Occhio Lab

IV. Glad to be part of A Group Novel. A multi-genre writing exercise for five or more participants in virtual space, with the mentorship of Lucy Ives.

V. I wrote two short essays for Ahorn Archive 1.

VI. I’m the co-founder and creator of ahorn

VII. I like to write helpful resources dedicated to visual editing, photo books, and online tools that will improve artists’ and designers’ work and creative processes. To read them sign up to my periodical dispatches (coming soon).